BIGS 2015 Networking Dinner

BIGS 2015 Networking Dinner
brought to you by the Student Government Association
BC 143 | 2:30PM – 5:30PM

crepeGame development isn’t just about who you know, it’s really about who you know. Game development know-how can only get you so far if you don’t know anybody. Good thing DDG and BIGS 2015 is up for some good, old-fashioned hobnobbing and eating some great food while we’re at it!

This year’s dinner will be catered by fantastic local eatery chain Sofi’s Crepes, thanks to the generous contribution of our good friends in the Student Government Association. So grab a bite, meet someone new, and have a good time.

The BIGS 2015 Networking Dinner is only accessible with a BIGS 2015 pass. Pick up your pass now! And check out the event menu below:


Ham & Gruyere Crêpe
Tomato, Basil, & Mozzarella Crêpe

Chocolate Chip Crêpe
Fruit Preserve Crêpe

Potato Chips
Raw Vegetables

soft drinks and water also provided


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