SFX Fight!

SFX Fight!
a SFX jam competition
BC 133 & 135 | 3:00PM to 5:00PM

maxresdefaultSound design and foley artistry are highly competitive fields in the games industry. So it only makes sense that we would make a no holds barred competition out of it!

Put your sound effect crafting skills to the ultimate test and jam out some bleeps and boops on the spot! The competition, strictly BYOT (Bring Your Own Tools), simply requests that competitors produce a selection of ambient sound effects over the course of 2 hours for use in a hypothetical video game product. There is one twist, though: foley artists will be provided with an image of scene for which they must develop their sound effects!

The winner of this contest, selected by guest judge Joel Stevenson (M. Dixon), will be announced at the Awards Ceremony at 6:00pm and will receive a sexy portable audio recorder.

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