Ryan Meier on the Expanding Game Dev Tent

Ryan Meier on the Expanding Game Dev Tent
an interview with Baltimore Video Game Wizards’ Ryan Meier
BC Auditorium | 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM

RyanMeierThe game development industry is one of those fields that is notoriously difficult to access. And after the gauntlet of getting into the field, a common concern leveled with gaming and the game development industry is the lack of diversity. Several game companies have taken assertive steps to remedy these problems and with free to access game development tools like Unity, Unreal Engine, and Haxeflixel, it’s never been easier to start making games on your own. But what are the next steps for expanding access to game development?

Ryan Meier, former game designer on World of Warcraft, current designer for Firaxis Games, and former lead game developer with Baltimore Video Game Wizards, joins BIGS 2015 to discuss how the Baltimore Video Game Wizards exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Industry is making game development a bigger, more inclusive tent.

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