Joshua Segall on Representing Money in Games

Joshua Segall on Representing Money in Games
an interview with SpaceInch’s Joshua Segall
BC Auditorium | 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

segallIn games, money usually stands for one thing: progress. Money is a score. Money is a reward. Money is a currency for furthering gameplay possibilities. But in the real world, money can be a corrupting force and lust for it is regularly seen as a cause for much of the suffering in the world today. Can a medium so hellbent on collecting, hoarding, and competition have anything to contribute to conversations about greed?

Joshua Segall, former congressional candidate and co-founder of SpaceInch and Game Troopers, joins BIGS 2015 to discuss how his team’s wildly popular mobile game, Make It Rain: The Love of Money, addresses those concerns and much more.

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