Collaborative Art Project

Come Together: Collaborative Art Project
a day-long collaborative art project
BC 135 | 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Accessible throughout the day at BIGS, come by and leave your mark on our enormous collaborative art project. With a bevy of supplies at hand, everybody has an opportunity to let their right brain flow and put the pencil/pen/marker/crayon/blood tipped quill to the paper. It doesn’t have to be game related, just let your imagination run and try to keep it PG-13. At the end of the night, the collaboration will be broken up in several pieces and raffled off through tickets given to all BIGS 2015 passholders. Don’t hesitate to contribute to this personal memorial to BIGS 2015!

The BIGS 2015 collaborative art project is only accessible with a BIGS 2015 pass. Pick up your pass now!