About the Seminar

BIGSPosterSmallThe Baltimore Independent Game Seminar is an annual tradition established by University of Baltimore’s Digital Designers Guild in 2012 and made possible through the contributions of our generous partners.

The mission of the gathering is to provide a spotlight for all the budding game development talent in the greater Baltimore area and provide a venue for upstart game industry hopefuls to socialize, network, and develop their skill sets. It also serves as an exhibition of ambitious lower-classmen game design students at the University of Baltimore, producing games above and beyond the requirements set out by their professors and the education program.

It all started in 2011, when DDG held its first Indie Game Contest. The content produced was superb and several of the students that shared their work were rewarded with internships and paid positions, but we wondered if we could extend the experience of the contest to include students that were not ready to produce games, but were still interested. We wondered if we could involve the local game development industry even more in the event. And we wondered if we could extend the learning experience to the scale of a public event.

That’s where the idea for a mini-convention came from. With this event, we aim to bring game design theorists, game industry professionals, and budding game development talent together to discuss cutting edge game theory, learn from our shared experience, and celebrate the game development industry and individuals in Baltimore!